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Even though I was a bit lax in finalizing some of my details, DBJ was able to make up for my lost time. Thank God.
Barbara F.
Red Bank, NJ


Voila! The Flower

Flower arrangements as special as you are.

Simple and forever classic, the flower has few equals. The flower is celebration, congratulations and ceremony. The flower is comfort.It can be reward as well as remorse. It not only pleases the eye and embraces the soul but the scent of the flower is nature's original perfume. God blessed the flower.

The flower is like a good book. It is like a fine wine paired with a special meal on an unforgettable night. The flower is like a great friend who is always there when you need them. Delicate and beautiful yet meaningful and memorable, few can do what the flower can do — year after year, moment after moment.

The flower needs no batteries. It doesn't require instructions or a tech support number. The flower just is — because it can be. And much like fireworks, the flower entrances children and continues to capture the imaginations of jaded adults. Everyone is inspired by the timeless aesthetic energy of the flower.

So tell us please, what would you like the flower to do for you? What is the emotion you are trying to capture? The message you are trying to send? We are sure we can arrange it. We love the flower and we are here to share that blessing with you.